Friday, 14 April 2017

Found Lars Bronworth's web page "Finding History". It has a lot of interestings digressions including the source for the European term for the Eastern Roman Empire, "Byzantine". Apparently in  1557 Hieronymus Wolf, situated in then the "Holy Roman Empire" published a history of the medieval Greek world that described the then defunct Eastern Roman Empire as "Byzantine". 


Apparently Michael Duncan was inspired by listening to Lars Bronsworth's "12 Byzantine Emperors : The History of the Byzantine Empire" series (prior March 2007) to do a "History of Rome" series (2007 - 2012) of podcasts. This has grown to become something called Revolutions, which in itself is quite interesting to listen to. I suspect there will be a meta study or critique of all of this at some point, by someone else. Of course. 

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