Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Occasionally Youtube has some pretty interesting videos that are not just about cats falling or going into things, although those are still just great.

Here are some silver screen training movies that run the gamut of suspiciously pure propaganda,  to cartoons that are surprisingly technical and some of them answer questions I never knew I had, such as how would people cope with being in a sinking submarine and what did Dr Seuss do doing during World War 2?

  • Land and Live in the Desert 1945, I became invested in the fates of Bob and Skipper. For soldiers under stress they are quite polite. There are a whole series of these, Sea, Jungle & Arctic. Nothing about how to survive in an urban environment like Karangahape Road, Auckland though, (essential advice, do not make eye contact).
  • Submarine Escape. "Experts at grabbing sack time." vs chlorine leak. Actually quite sophisticated procedure with variation of practices according to urgency. The SEA's are multipurpose. Described hazards, oxygen poisoning, anoxia, decompression sickness and excitement, you know, assuming there are no obstructions and everything goes to plan.
There are a whole series of SNAFU movies, apparently all voiced by Mel Brooks, which is why it sounds like Bugs Bunny, they are sort of definitely made for adult males and probably in the circumstances of their intended audience, they would sort of, definitely grab my attention.

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