Sunday, 24 January 2016

13 Good Web Comics, (in my opinion).

List of 13 web comics that I consider good (Alphabetically, Does not reflect an order of preference). 

Atomic Robo (Historical/ Science fiction/ Comedy) : Very good artwork, comedy writing uses a lot of 20th century tropes to good effect. Written in the spirit of 1950's faith in human progress and the potential of atomic energy. Therein lays much of its comedy. Produced by a team that includes Brian Clevinger & Scott Wegener, with Dr Dinosaur in customer support services.

Brood Hollow (Supernatural thriller/ Comedy): Unique artwork, effective for its subject matter, set in 1930s small town America. Produced by Chris Straub.

Cassiopeia Quinn (Science Fiction/ Comedy): Good artwork, best described as Westernized manga in a Space Opera Setting. Cute & funny. It, it has a significant amount of what is described by "fan service", i'm not complaining but it does need to be stated explicitly. Produced by a team that includes Gunwild & Psudonym.

Daughter of Lilles (Tolkienesque Fantasy/ Comedy): Brilliant Artwork, interesting ideas. Still kind of a new comic. Produced by Meg Syverud & Jessica "Yoko" Weaver.  

Guilded Age (Tolkienesque Fantasy/ Comedy): Unique artwork, effective for subject matter, interesting ideas, political realism in a Tolkienesque fantasy/ long story, "The Saga of the Working Class Adventurer". Produced by a team that includes T Campbell, Phil Khan, John & Jason Waltrip.

Kill Six Billion Demons (Supernatural Thriller): Mind blowing artwork, artist sometimes takes about a month to make each scene, the story has interesting ideas. Produced by Abbadon.

Lacksadaisy Cats (Anthropomorphic Animals (Cats)/ Historical /Comedy): Really Good Art, Well written, you won't find a better comic about cats being 1920s- 1930s gangsters anywhere else. Produced by Tracy J Butler.

Sheldon (Relationship Comedy): Unique artwork, good writing, good natured, cute & funny . I like the duck and the old man. But then again who wouldn’t? (If you attempt to describe it, prepare to have your time wasted while they process that you are not talking about "that" character, from that TV show). Produced by Dave Kellett.

Sluggy Freelance (Relationship comedy that over time becomes science fiction/ supernatural thriller) : Artwork develops over time from minimal to quite good, the artists skill develops and the story becomes quite involved and often clever, often satire and sometimes scary. Always funny, because it is at heart a comedy. A long running daily web comic. Produced by Pete.

SMBC, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (Observational Humour) : Adequate artwork with clever, possibly (who am I kidding? Always) dark, amusing writing. (Sometimes makes fun of XKCD, its like that). Produced by Zach Weinersmith.

Snow by Night (Supernatural Thriller/Colonial Fantasy). Good artwork, with an interesting 18th century (1700s) setting. Some light hearted comic moments. Produced by a team that includes Eric Menge & Julie A Wright (et al), and has contributors.

Something Positive (Relationship Comedy): Artwork develops over time, unique artwork, effective for its subject matter, developed ongoing narrative. Author uses dramatic irony a lot, but also has characters evince a double perspective. Comforting, I read it regularly. Also site is a good gateway to other comics, something about community I guess. Produced by rkmilholland.

XKCD (Observational Humour): Minimalist Artwork that elaborates on itself, likes graphs, tables, scientific methods of data presentation, then makes fun of them. Clever writing. "Hoverboard" deserves special mention. Gets made fun of by SMBC, which is a bit like watching two nerds fight in the play ground, I ah, imagine. Produced by Randall Munroe.

Finally a comic from Sheldon  (9th of Dec 2015),

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