Thursday, 2 August 2012

Safety Not Guaranteed. A movie coming out in October 2012

14-9-2012.  Aubry Plaza (Not really a fan but she knows her audience).
                     Apparently the interview dates from around July 17th
Aubry Plaza was on the Late Show with David Letterman, possibly "playing herself".
Around six minutes into the interview. (To paraphrase)
Letterman asks, "What do you do for fun?".
Plaza (Looks right, then left back to Letterman) "Umm, well thats an interesting question. Not a lot. I play a lot of board games."
Letterman "Like what?"
(Audience laugh)
 She answers (deadpan) " I play the Battlestar Galactica board game."
(Audience laugh, someone claps)
Letterman mumbles, hand motion conveying apology "I don't know what that is"
 Plaza " It's a, it's based on the TV series you should see it on your i pad "
(To paraphrase) Letterman straightens up his tie "You know what? I started playing last weekend with my son  this board game and it drives him crazy, it's Risk. Have you ever played Risk?"
Plaza "No I haven't played Risk but I would like that."
 Letterman "It's the game that goes on for ever. It goes on for ever". Letterman coughs.
(Audience clap) 
Plaza agrees then responds
"The one I play is also like that. It's an eight hour.., Its one of the most complicated board games you can play and I wear the, a costume when I play."
(Audience laugh)
Letterman "No you don't"
Plaza "No, yeah I do."
Letterman (His tones go down) "No you don't."
Plaza "OK"
Letterman laughs.

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